№1 currency for business

Finite {encoded} supply : only 84 billion VXXL (84'412'531'699) will be mined during next 30 years

True decentralization for world's fastest PoW coin    (7 seconds per block)

Close-to-zero tx fees


Antifraud protocol

51% attack prevention mechanics

Upcoming privacy features*
(*see roadmap)



VXXL provides liquidity services to over 3100 cryptocurrencies and is ranked as one of the most active actors of DeFi sector. 

VXXL average liquidity pool is above 10 million USD worth and its business model is to maintain leading role among crypto liquidity providers for promising projects via its liquidity protocol and decentralized investment platform operating on DAO principles and governed by token* of a friendly crypto.



To mine VXXL get connected
to the mining pool (scrypt):
Or raise a full node from docker image via GitHub source


apply to become a Beta-tester >>

coming live in Autumn 2022 >>

Lending protocol

apply to become a Beta-tester >>

coming live in Autumn 2022 >>

VXW Web Version

coming live in Autumn 2022 >>

Wrap ETH gateway

coming live in 2022           >>

Stablecoin protocol

coming live in Autumn 2022 >>

Wrap BNB gateway

coming live in 2023           >>

Privacy tap for VXW

More features in 2023

* To get early access to VXW wallets and become BETA tester, pls apply via Telegram
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